10th Grade

10th Grade

Welcome to your second year in the IB  Pre-Diploma Program!  This information should help you have an idea of what to expect.  You may find it helpful to refer back to How to Speak IB as you go.

10th Grade Timeline

Marching Band flute section

October: Sophomores can sign up to take the PSAT as a practice test if space is available. This is administered on a Saturday, usually during Fall Break.
November: All sophomores will take the PLAN test at school, which is a precursor to the ACT. Scores from this will be a good indication of how one may score on the ACT.
Spring: Consider taking the AP U.S. History Exam. The curriculum is the same as the IB curriculum and you have the potential to earn college credit. Saturday study sessions are offered to help students prepare.
May: IB Recognition Event

Looking Ahead to 11th Grade

Decide on Math level (Studies, SL, HL)Math Course Progression
Decide on HL classes. Pre-Diploma and Diploma Program Course Selection
Pre-Diploma and Diploma Program Course Selection Worksheet
Consider best way to fulfill State requirement for 1 semester each in Government and in Economics.
Consider best time to tour colleges. Touring colleges can help your student focus on important factors in choosing a college.

Check with Mrs. Andarcia if your student should enroll in her summer Spanish Conversation class. Many students feel this is critical to scoring well on the Spanish Oral Exam.

Rising Juniors can begin earning CAS hours on their first day of coursework as a junior. Check with your counselor or the CAS coordinator for more details.

If you’re already making plans for Fall Break, be aware that the PSAT test is usually administered on the last Saturday of the break. This test is always optional, but as a junior it will be your student’s only opportunity to qualify for the National Merit Scholarships. Did you know that achieving National Merit Scholar Status will result in automatic admission to both University of Arizona’s Honors College and Barrett, the Honors College at ASU? There are significant scholarships at either institution for National Merit Scholars.