11th Grade

11th Grade

Welcome to your first year in the IB Diploma Program! This information should help you have an idea of what to expect. You may find it helpful to refer back to How to Speak IB as you go.

11th Grade Timeline

Fall break: A good time to tour colleges. Make sure your travel plans include taking the PSAT (see below).
October: take the PSAT to qualify for National Merit Scholarships. This is administered on a Saturday, usually during Fall Break.
Winter: Take the SAT. Your student has several dates to take the SAT. Check out collegeboard.org for deadlines and study tips.
Winter/Spring: Take the ACT. Check out actstudent.org for deadlines and study tips.
Winter/Spring: Plan when to take 2 Subject SATs. Note: these cannot be taken the same day as the regular SAT. See collegeboard.org for dates and subjects offered.
February/March: Oral Spanish IV & French IV exams
Spring: choose a topic and mentor for the Extended Essay, (Extended Essay Topics 2007, Extended Essay Topics 2009, What is the extended essay). Preliminary work also assigned in English class.
CAS hours are due before the end of the year.
May: IB Exams for SL classes.
May: IB Recognition Event

IB prom 8

Looking Ahead to 12th Grade

Check with Mrs. Andarcia if your student should enroll in her summer Spanish Conversation class.  Many students feel this is critical to scoring well on the Spanish Oral Exam.

Extended Essay Workshop offered in early summer.  This 2-day workshop will walk you through what you need to do on this external assignment. Information will be given out in English classes.

As a senior, your student is required to take Theory of Knowledge.  See What is TOK for more information.

Over the summer, start planning for college applications. Start filling out the Common Application (see commonapp.org). Collegeboard.org and atstudent.org also have college planning tools. Not all schools use the Common App. For example, the University of California schools (UC’s) use their own application.