About IB

About IB

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma program is a challenging two-year curriculum. It leads to a qualification that is widely recognized by the world’s leading universities. The program includes:

Global Perspective

Coursework in English, History, and Theory of Knowledge (TOK) classes covers material from many cultures and perspectives.

Critical Thinking and Analysis

Teachers are trained to teach in creative ways and engender lively discussions. Writing and class discussion emphasize critical thinking.

School Within a School

IB students take many classes together throughout their years at DMHS and form a closely knit community within the larger school setting. IB students share the same guidance counselor.

Emphasis on Depth, More Than Breadth

The IB curriculum focuses on delving deeply into the subject matter and demonstrating mastery of it. This is also reflected in the community service (CAS) and extended essay (EE) aspects of the program.

Rigorous College Prep

Students who have completed the IB program at DMHS report that they were well prepared for even the most demanding college work.

Recognition in the Admission Process

Colleges look for the highest level of academic rigor when they evaluate students and the IB program is synonymous with this standard. Schools value the very fact that students have undertaken this course of study. Students do not find out if they have scored high enough on their IB exams to obtain their IB diploma until the summer after graduation. Neither college admission nor SUSD graduation is jeopardized by whether or not a student has been awarded an IB diploma.

College Credit or a Placement Bump May Result

Students who complete the requirements for the IB Diploma and score well on their IB exams may receive college credit or a placement bump in certain classes. These policies are school specific and should be researched on each school’s website. This is similar to the treatment of AP test results.

International Consistency and District Support

The IB program has a defined curriculum throughout the world. SUSD’s program has been certified, teachers are specially trained, and the District has embraced the IB program as an important opportunity for excelling high school students.

More information on the particulars of the DMHS IB program can be found on the Navigating IB page.

Please refer to the current high school planning guide to ensure your IB student also complies with the SUSD graduation requirements.