Why join IBPA?

Why join IBPA?

Why join IBPA?

The IBPA is looking for you!

Join the IBPA and meet parents and caregivers who like you, have a student or students in the IB program at Desert Mountain High School.

IBPA Creates/Hosts the Following : 

IB Recognition Event 

 Freshman Welcome Event  

Parent Education Nights:  

“How to Speak IB”  

“CAS Explained”  

“Life After IB: Alumni speakers”  

Parent Coffees

IB Parent Association have provided the following to IB Teachers and Students 

IB Exam Question Bank Subscriptions for:  

Biology, Chemistry, Math, and French  

Shakespeare Workshop funding  

IB Ball funding  

40 ChromeBooks for in-class use  

Supplies for IB Art and Dance Exam  

Books for Classroom Supplemental Learning  

2 Printers for Nuremberg Trials  

Canon Cameras with Video Capabilities for Internal Assessments External disk drives 


Go to dmibpa.org and click the donate button today!